2019-07-29 (English)

Warsaw, Poland, 2018

I like to find "deformed" characters in the urban space very much. I mean situations when elements of architecture cover or in any other way influence the appearance of a face or whole figures. Most often it concerns advertising spaces. When a mistake results from intentional applying a sticker based on guidelines (as in the first photo), I always wonder if the graphic designer knew about it and didn't care, or simply nobody told him. I must admit that this time it worked out perfectly.

New York, USA, 2018

Sometimes the ads are fine. I just want to cover them up with something to add some dynamism to the frame. In the second example, the slightly rainy weather in New York allowed me to hunt for an umbrella that appears to be a pair for an umbrella at the stand with hot dogs reflected in the glass. The lines were also important for me in this frame, so I made sure that they were exactly in both lower corners of the photo. These lines also divide the frame nicely, especially the face, half of which is invisible because of the sky reflected in the glass. Everything in this photo fits together so well...